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In November 2009, in response to Palermo’s constantly rising rents and the radical cutbacks in university accommodation, young members of an autonomous student collective occupied an unused storage building in the Faculty of Science. It had been deserted for decades and was transformed into a self-organised dormitory called Anomalia ­– a name that suggests the abnormal conditions that young Sicilians find themselves in nowadays. Because of new strict degree programmes, as well as a lack of jobs, they are often forced to rely on their families up until the age of 30.


Despite an eviction notice, issued by the head of the university in summer 2011, the students have returned to the building and created a centre for political assemblies and social and cultural activities, all free of charge and held by students and young unemployed people. They regularly organise protest marches with Palermo’s high school students and recently occupied an abandoned convent in the multicultural quarter of Ballarò to turn it into a new social centre for the neighbourhood.

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